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6 Ways to Overcome Stress due to Not Getting Pregnant

After doing various methods to get pregnant, aren't you also successful? Don't get stressed out. Instead of getting pregnant, stress has the potential to reduce your chances of getting pregnant. When stressed, a person will usually tend to be lazy to have sex and tend to find pleasure by smoking or consuming alcohol. This is the reason why you have to deal with stress when planning a pregnancy so that your chances of cuddling your child are even greater. Do This to Overcome Stress Some ways you can deal with stress because you don't get pregnant are: 1. Consumption of healthy foods The stress of not getting pregnant can make your appetite increase. You will also usually take it out on sweet and unhealthy foods. In fact, excessive consumption of sweet foods can make hormone levels become unbalanced. This can affect your fertility and your chances of getting pregnant. To prevent this, when stress strikes, you are advised to change your diet to be healthier and consum
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Crying Baby After Breastfeeding, This Possible Causes and How to Overcome It

Mother may wish Little can calm down and fall asleep after breastfeeding. Instead of calm, instead he was nervous or even cried. Don't worry right away, Mother. Know first what are the possible causes of a baby crying after feeding and how to overcome them. In general, babies cry after feeding if they are still hungry or feel uncomfortable. This discomfort can be caused by conditions that you can handle yourself at home, but can also be caused by more serious conditions and require a doctor's care. Various Causes and Ways to Overcome Baby Crying After Breastfeeding The following are various causes of babies crying after feeding and how to overcome them. 1. Too much air enters the stomach If the baby cries when suckling or if the attachment between the baby's mouth and the mother's nipple is inappropriate, air can enter the baby's stomach and digestive tract. This condition will make the baby bloated, uncomfortable, and eventually cry. To prevent this, there

Preparing Children to Sleep Alone

Preparing a child's room so that he sleeps alone requires the right time and equipment. Most parents choose to sleep with their baby from birth. The reason is to always be ready to guard the baby, especially when he needs you at night. But over time, sharing a room with Little is not a good thing and can interfere with your various activities, such as during sleep, intimate relationships with a partner, or if you have a second child. This is the time for you to prepare a separate children's room for Little One as the next stage of maturity. How to Teach Your Child to Sleep in His Room? Teaching Little is accustomed to sleeping with parents from birth is not easy. One of the actions, Little will probably consider himself set aside by his own parents. So, do some things as a warm-up before separating from the child at bedtime. The following are tips that can be useful for you, including: As a first step, you can start teaching children to sleep in their own room when taki